Starting a business of your own can be a challenging experience, but the rewards can be great.  If you are in the process of starting your own business the Shore West Capital team can help make the journey a lot more comfortable.  With many years of experience working with new businesses and helping them find their feet, you can trust Shore West Capital to get your business of the ground.

The Shore West Capital team will guide you through all of the necessary steps required to ensure that your business is set up for success and legally compliant.  We will help you start from the very beginning by creating the right corporate structure so that you can look to the future with confidence.  Next we will look towards developing a business plan that will not only meet with your needs and aspirations, but also be very attractive to investors.

Shore West Capital prides itself on being able to help new businesses find the funding that they need to get started.  We are able to pave the way for you to find everything from commercial loans to government grants and loans.  We also have other options to help you find the money your business needs such as private lenders and investors.

To address the legal needs of your business we will be able to provide you with the information you need on the very best business and corporate lawyers available.  We will assist you in managing the financial end of your business all the way through to making sure that your corporate and personal taxes are taken care of by our team of experts.

How do I choose the right source for my start-up capital?

When you have a choice of investors you know that you are on the right track.  There are a great many sources of start-up capital today, however there is more to making the right choice then you think as not every lender, or investor is created equal.  Shore West Capital will help you navigate through this wide array of funding sources to make sure that you choose the right one for your business.

The requirements for each of the potential sources of funds that you are looking at will vary quite wildly.  Some of them will have strict stipulations about who and what they can fund and these conditions may be imposed on an ongoing basis so you need to choose wisely.

In addition to private lenders and investors, Shore West Capital will also be able to propose any Federal and Provincial programs that may be suitable for your business.  These can be a great help to your start up business provided that you meet the necessary requirements.  Once again, Shore West Capital will help you to determine the right source of funds that are appropriate for your business and personal goals.

The Shore West Capital team is committed to making sure that your search for funding is as stress free as possible.  We are able to get a short list of the most appropriate sources of funding that are most likely to fund your business. We are experts at what we do and you can be sure that Shore West Capital will be able to get you the funding options that you need.

The first step, your business plan

A business plan is a very useful document that will help you as the owner to reach your goals as you start your business. It can also be very important when you are in the process of sourcing funds or start-up capital.  At Shore West Capital, we will use the information that you provide about your business and help to write a business plan that will satisfy the needs of potential lenders and investors.  Not only will we make sure that the plan is sound, we will also aid in the presentation of this plan to potential sources of funding.  This is a vital step in the process of looking for funding for your business.  The best business plans are detailed without being unnecessarily long and contain all of the pertinent information about your company’s structure, the expertise of the manager, projections and timelines.  All of the information will be backed up with research and supporting evidence.

The early stages of looking for funding for your business can be a daunting and stressful time.  There is a lot of misinformation out there and you need to be sure that the funding you have is the right choice for you in the short and long term.  By taking advantage of the years of experience that the Shore West Capital team has, you can be sure that you will be set up with the right start-up capital from day one.  You will also receive ongoing help with a great many other facets of your business.