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Business Funding & Start Up Capital

There are hundreds of sources of business funding on the market today. They all look to make money by providing funds to entrepreneurs; those starting a business and those looking to expand their businesses.

But, they are not all the same.

They vary in their preferred industries. These industries vary from mining to medical to technology to services and more.

They vary in their requirements. Some fund micro business, some only business that are run by teams of people. Some require a large investment by the owners, some don’t. Some will fund businesses that are at least a year old and show already a revenue stream.

And then there are the many Federal and Provincial programs that also have preferred industries and requirements. It’s enough to give any entrepreneur looking for funding a big headache.

At ShoreWest Capital Corp., we let you relax. We take the stress out of the search for business funding. We search the many sources of funds for you and find those that are most appropriate for your venture and that are most likely to fund it.

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