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Business Startups – Grants, Loans & Seed Money

I f you are planning to start a business of your own, we congratulate you. The road will not be easy, but the rewards will make the trip well worth it.

Through our own efforts and those that assist us, we at SworeWest Capital, will guide and assist you all along the way from beginning to success.

We will assist you in:

  • Creating an appropriate corporate structure,
  • Formulate a business plan that will fulfill your needs as well as those of prospective lenders and investors
  • Assess your financial needs
  • Direct you to the sources of seed money, government grants and loans, government guaranteed commercial loans, private lenders and investors and others. And we will assist you in dealing with such funding sources.

We will direct you to our business and corporate lawyers for all your legal needs.

We will assist you in planning and managing the financial affairs of the business and

We will satisfy all your corporate and personal tax matters.

Ready to get started?

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