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Business Plans

A business plan is similar to a travel plan. You must establish your final destination, map how you will reach that destination, and determine how you will raise funds for the trip.

In addition to being useful to business owners, a Business Plan is required by most lenders before they will consider a loan. So it is essential that the Business Plan be brief but comprehensive with up-to-date descriptive and financial information.

With the information that you will provide us, we will write a Business Plan for you that will assist you in planning and managing the business and satisfy potential lenders and investors.

We will also assist in presenting the Plan to potential lenders and investors as well as provide any follow-up information that they might require.

An effective Business Plan should be brief, but cover all the points that a potential lender/investor will want to be informed about to approve the loan or investment. These points include:

  • An Executive Summary
  • The company’s corporate organization and shareholding structure
  • Description of the goods that the company plans to manufacture or sell or a description of the services it plans to provide
  • A description of the potential customers the company will be appealing to
  • An explanation of the reasons why the company feels that such goods or services will be sought by potential customers
  • An explanation of the reason why potential customers will be attracted to the company more so than to competitors – The competitive advantage
  • A description of the company’s strategy in providing and promoting such goods or services
  • A description of Managers’ expertise
  • Financial information including
    • Breakeven Point
    • Monthly Cash Flow projections showing the sources and uses of funds
  • Pro-forma Financial Statements showing the company’s estimated earnings and financial position in the first two years of operation.

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