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Business Funding Proposal (Business Plan)

Proper, solid and economical providers of business funding for start-ups and growth require a Funding Proposal.

A Funding Proposal's function is to present to a prospective lender or investor the strongest possible case for doing the loan or investment.

Accordingly, it will have to indicate that:

  • Management is capable
  • The existing or new business is or will be on sound financial
  • The use of the funds will result in new or additional revenue
    and income sufficient to place the business in a position to
    repay the loan or investment.
  • Management has prepared a sound plan for the use of the
    funds that will result in the new or added revenue and

Among other things, the plan will include:

  • Description of the goods or services to provide indication of why customers will be attracted to
    the new or additional goods or services provided.
  • A description of the planned strategy to attract new or additional customers to the business.
  • In addition to the company's financial information, we add a re-statement of existing financial information to present a better, more accurate picture of the actual
    financial position and profit of an existing business.
  • Projections showing the expected financial positionĀ and income of the business following the funding and how the business will be able to repay the loan or investment.
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