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Funding Process

> Complementary Initial consultation

> Delivery of a plan of approach and work to be done

> Acceptance by you of the plan (with changes if desired)

> Payment for the preparation of the Funding Proposal

> Preparation of Funding Proposal by us

> Approval by you of our completed Proposal

> Delivery to you of the completed Proposal (with changes if requested by you)

> Advice on the possible sources of funds.

> Assistance in presenting the proposal to the agreed-upon source(s)

Additional Services

  • Assisting with the negotiations for the loan.
  • Legal consultations regarding the lending contract.

Our Funding Sources

  • The Government of Canada's Business Development Bank offers many lending solutions that are very flexible and do not require the pledging of personal assets.
  • Commercial Banks offer a great variety of funding solutions
  • Credit Unions offer more personal solutions.
  • Private lenders who offer faster an easier (but more expensive) lending solutions.
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