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Q. Do you charge a commission on funds obtained by the startup company?
A. No. We do not charge commission on any funds obtained.

Q. What kind of sources of funds do you work with?
A. Depending on the project to be funded or financed, we suggest Government of Canada and Ontario grants and loans, commercial banks and credit unions and venture capitalists.

Q. How do you charge for the work that you do?
A. We charge either a set fee or an hourly rate. Both are set out in advance.

Q. Do you require writing a Business Plan before looking for financing?
A. No. We suggest that we first establish what sources of funds would be most appropriate for the project, ask for their input and then write a Business Plan that satisfies their requirements. The fee for such a business plan varies from $1,200 to $1,800 depending on complexity required.

Q. What if the source asks for additional information?
A. in this case, we will provide the additional information free of charge.

Q. Once the business is launched, can we rely on you to provide reference for our legal and promotion needs?
A. Yes. We can provide trusted references that can help you with your legal and promotion requirements.

Q. What about our future accounting and tax needs?
A. We provide full accounting and tax preparation services.

Q. Do I have to come to your office for meetings and discussions?
A. No. Most things can be done using electronic communication.


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