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Joseph Tarantino, the Founder

Mr. Joseph Tarantino has been in the investment, financial and business consulting profession for over 30 years.

He is a graduate of Economics as well as a graduate of Accounting and Taxation

He became a Financial Analyst early on and is a member of the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute and the Toronto Society of Chartered Financial Analysts.

Over the years, Mr. Tarantino has obtained valuable knowledge and experience that make him a valuable M&A Consultant and facilitator well above that of a Business Broker.

As a Financial Analyst, he has gained experience in analyzing and determing the true value of a commercial enterprise. He has learned what makes a desirable business and how to bring out those desirable features

His knowledge and experience in accounting and taxation give him a most valuable tool in presenting the financial and taxation aspects of a business to a buyer in a simple but complete form so as to help the buyer do his Due Diligence quickly and effectively.

With his many years as an intermediate between sellers and buyers, he is well equipped to deal effectively with both.

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